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Talk to the Hand: the Manos Talk Show

The MANOS Coloring Book is 20% off this weekend at Lulu.comUse the code HAMMOCK14 http://www.lulu.com/shop/keith-mccaffety/manos-coloring-book/paperback/product-21669685.html

The MANOS Coloring Book is 20% off this weekend at Lulu.com
Use the code HAMMOCK14 

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Here’s a video introduction to the MANOS Coloring Book.
Buy it at this link!

I hope this will be the first of many custom activity books. If this book does well, I will look for other public domain projects to adapt. ‘Sita Sings the Blues,’ perhaps? Or ‘Turkish Star Wars?’

Maybe I’ll approach other internet creators about making merchandise for their current projects. Can you imagine ‘Veronica Mars’ paper dolls? A ‘Space Janitors’ sticker book? Maybe a ‘Vaginal Fantasy Hangout’ board game?

Spread the word!
Hope you like it!

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Secret project to be revealed soon.

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The folks at @Rifftrax actually got hold of some MANOS outtakes!

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Episode 9 of ‘Talk to the Hand’ is now online!
My guest this time is Tony Trombo

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I talk Recasting Manos on the Talking Manos show

Current Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with TonyTrombo on BlogTalkRadio
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Debbie's Manos: Another Manos Film

There are always rumors and snippets and thoughts on the idea of Manos remakes, sequels and prequels…

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Manos: The Remix of Fate, Vol 1

Wow, some seriously experimental music remixes of the Manos soundtrack. All FREE!

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